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Proud to Be an American

Siding in Stripes
No Credit, No Problem
Carts and Stripes
Do Not Fill Above This Line
Colonial Landscape
We Will Endure

Fifty Stars - 250 points

Alternating rows of 6 and 5 per row on an old glory blue rectangular canton.

Thirteen equal horizontal Stripes alternating old glory red and white.

Gold fringe surrounding the perimeter


Can’t stop seeing the pattern, Flags everywhere. 



This series is a documentation of found objects with a reoccurring flag motif.  This series of work is a reaction to the patriotism that surrounds everyday American life. Patriotism can be seen as positive or negative depending on the political climate. The patriotism in the images is often ambiguous, and are a result of the shooting method, which aims to mimic the way one might experience patriotism in the real world.

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