Out of Touch  (2015)

There is a Mythology at Northern Illinois University stating that if a student touches
the Kishwaukee River the student is destined to stay in DeKalb forever. 

Of course, this is only mythology, but that doesn't necessarily
mean students don't continue to fear touching the river. 

It interests me how many people can find Nature beautiful in images,
but when it comes to actually touching nature there is a dissonance. 

During this time in history touch screen technology
has made it easier to observe things across the world. 

Being in touch with nature has a lot of health benefits. 

Spending too much time on social media has been observed by a multitude of psychologists
to have been linked to increases in depression and anxiety. 

I'd like viewers to recognize the discomfort and confusion
that comes between trying to make sense of these two realities.