Analogue Renaissance

    The series uses Vintage cameras which nowadays are appreciated mostly for their aesthetic qualities. However, very few people actually understand that these cameras still have the ability to be used. When I talk to people about my passion for photography, they often decide to give vintage cameras to me in hopes that they will somehow be used for their intended purpose. Analogue film is a dying art, but i'm trying my best to keep it alive. Much like the revival of vinyl records, film photography is used in a way to create a vintage sort of aesthetic. But in actuality, the quality of film photography has the capability of much higher visual quality than almost every kind of digital photography I've experienced. 


     All of these photographs are vintage cameras of which film is no longer produced to fit. Instead of turning these cameras into paperweights on shelves, I decided to use photographic paper as if it was film. Working in this method took a lot of research, as well as creative problem solving. This research and patience ensured the negatives shot with the cameras developed with the proper exposure, focus, and overall good aesthetic composition. I later reversed the negatives from the cameras in the darkroom and printed them on archival fiber based paper that will last for hundreds of years. Nowadays, photographs are seen for an instant and then forgotten. In my work, I aim to create work that lasts longer in the eyes of a viewer than an instantaneous thrill.