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Lost Connection  (2016) 

     Technology is ever changing and advancing. Although at times the advancement of technology can greatly improve society, I can't help but fear some technological advances might lead to the decline of our environment. I'm anxious about the personal growth and knowledge might be lost which stems from interaction with nature. I don't want to seem like a techniphobe. I'm not some nutball living under a bridge hitting kids with smart phones as they walk by, but I am concerned about our lack of a connection with nature. 
     Through my research,  I learned that lacking exposure to nature can directly impact mental and physical health. Having exposure to nature on a regular basis has mental health benefits for many people. To simulate this "lack of connection" between people and natural objects, I used glitch art techniques that distort the viewers ability to experience the natural objects.  I want viewers to question their relationship with nature. I would like viewers to ask if their relationship with nature could improve in anyway to become more well rounded. How do we become more in touch with our environment before it's too late?


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